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Together with millions of online players play fair with all kinds of Casino, Slots, Poker, Fishing Games. One gold coin for all varieties of fun games. Daily free coins can be used for all games in Fish Box. Wow...when the luck caught you, you can hardly escape!; Game introduction (New game is coming soon……):; Fishing: Reappear upgraded original fishing game which ever you played in game hall! Fishing together with friends, the fish were all agog out of waves.; Three card: Also called "Golden fraud", it is time to test you guile ability, but don’t forget there is always someone stronger.; Baccarat: The fairest game in the world, I like being a Banker, although I always lose(T_T).; Forest party: Lion, panda, monkey, rabbit held a dance in the forest. Which do you think will become the dancing king? The Red one? The Green one? Or The Yellow one?; Ngau: Oh, my dear friends, welcome to Ngau Poker world: the bull will not be boasted into two, Double Ngau is the sign of real winner.; Sic Bo: Make your Best luck, Hit the Jackpot!; Water Margin: Combine Water Margin with classic slots game. Use the Water Margin classic characters to show you all the fantasy of slots game.; PS: More exciting games are on the way to be updated, also you can contact us to tell us the game you like.; Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/fishboxcasino/; Customer service email: mailto:fishboxservice@gmail.com; TIPS:; 1. This game is for adults.; 2. Fish Box is for entertainment only, does not provide cash transactions and feedback, and does not have the opportunity to win cash or physical gifts.; 3. Winning in the game does not mean winning in gambling.; 4. Pay attention to the use of time, to avoid addicted to the game.;
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